Sunday, 15 June 2014


I took a break from crocheting and other sewing projects, to experiment on this cloth doll, making her brought back some nostalgia.of childhood.
I remember my mother sewing me a cloth doll when I was about 10 years. She had corn hair of golden colour, and has an orange flowered dress.

This pattern is from an Australian country patchwork magazine; was published about decade or so ago. It includes blocks for all the projects, and instructions.

I, however omitted  and changed some details, such as using paint to colour the boots, using felt markers, buttons, and using of a glue gun for attaching hair/hat. I did that because, I want to pass this on to a toddler and did not want to use any harmful items.

I hand sewed everything from body parts to dress and hair.. and making the tiny clothes were such a delight.

I would not mind trying few more projects from the magazine, which has another type of a doll.

I call her little 'May'

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  1. what a lovely doll and I am sure she will be well loved by the child you give it to. Love the Auissie magazine, have quite a few of them and lots I would like to make from them too, maybe I will get them out and have a browse next time it is nice enough to sit in the garden with a cup of tea

  2. Aw, she is lovely! She will make a great gift for a little one :) The dress and bloomers are really sweet! I love making cloth dolls but haven't made any in a while - they're a lot of fun to make though. Little May is fab :) :)
    Alison x

  3. She looks like a little pioneer doll, and very cute! I used to make lots of doll clothes from some very old patterns of my mom's, and I still like making them for gifts occasionally. These types of dolls are really back in style again from what I see around blog land. Have a great weekend Gaia :) Wendy x