Thursday, 14 January 2016

bohemian saree quilt..

part 3....

I pieced the blocks by hand; which took awhile to do so. There were days I stayed up very late doing all the stitching because I was so very impatient.

I had enough cotton batting left from the last project so I did pin it to the top layer. Now, all that is left is to make a layer for the backing. I have found few more pieces of saree material which needs to be stitched together. It is coming along..

~ On crochet ~
So far, on my attempt to create this 1970's afghan.

Out of the colours, I chose to crochet the octagonal motif, I ran out two shades of green. (manged 4 octagons)

After making few more incorrect rounds, I think I managed to make these some what similar to the ones in the magazine.

I had to look for another combination greens at the thrift store and, found these two;  hopefully they will blend in with the rest. I think the new greens will last for couple of  motifs, then I have to look for two other shades :)

I like the challenge to create something out of all thrift-ed yarn, and also to try and make it appealing at the same time. It certainly will be different from the original.

Thank you for taking a moment to have a peek,

till my next post,


  1. You were lucky to find the new greens. They fit perfectly to the others. The sari-quilt will be lovely to see on a bed or couch, it is such wonderful material.

  2. Your quilt is gorgeous, Gaia! All these embroidery stitched by hand. My daughter made her second little quilt and she is so proud (me too).

  3. Your quilt looks beautiful Gaia! I think the crochet afghan will be very unique using thrifted yarn - it will be extra special of course :) Lovely colours too!
    Alison x

  4. Hi Gaia! The quilt looks amazing! This is one of the crafts I would like up in future.You are so creative.
    The crochet flowers look promising, looking forward to seeing your finished project!

  5. your elephants really caught my eye on the great quilt. Crochet looks good too

  6. your sari quilt and your crochet flowers are beautiful

  7. Your quilt is coming along so beautifully! I'm currently working on a cotton baby blanket but it's going to be a simple make in comparison to all the handstitching on yours.

    And I love your crocheted pieces. Good for you for aiming to make the whole thing with thrifted yarn!

    Wishing you a great (cold) week!

  8. Your sari quilt looks beautifully done Gaia and your crocheted pieces are lovely as well.

  9. You like to set yourself some impressive challenges Gaia ... sewing all those blocks by hand! It looks amazing, and worth the extra effort. The 70s afghan is going to be wonderful. I like how you're working it up with the various shades of green. Have a great ending to your week ... how can it be Thursday already??!!

  10. The quilt is great. A lovely colour combination. And I like the look of the Afghan - flowers in a sea of grass.