Easter Weekend

These coasters were made for my friends of  the Tea Group that I belong. They were for the Easter exchange. I found the pattern here, and the tutorial was easy to follow. 


I also included each a; teabag art turned into books marks.

This peacock has been waiting to get completed for awhile. Since, I did couple of bigger projects during winter and, also the winter light is not so favourable for embroidery work, it was left in my craft box.  Last couple of weekends had enough daylight for me to finish it, although I am not very satisfied with my attempt; there is more room for improvement. I think it is to time for me to visit the optician too:)

A new project with crewel wool. I found these persian yarn skeins at the thrift store which says both needlepoint and crewel yarn. I did few small pieces before with crewel wool and I liked the texture it brings and I'm looking forward to start this one to see how it will turn out.

For those friends who celebrate, have a wonderful Easter weekend  !!!

Thank you for stopping by this long weekend,

till next time,


  1. Your pretty coaster is sitting on the table beside my chair. And I think it's time to go make a cup of tea to put onto it while I read blogs. Thank you again, Gaia, and Happy Easter.

  2. lovely novelty gifts you have made for your friends, the peacock is a real beauty and now you have another good charity buy to keep you busy. Happy Easetr to you too

  3. The work you did for the card group look so pretty all together. Your peacock looks beautiful, but I know what you mean when you're not satisfied with something yourself. A new pair of glasses makes all the difference sometimes ;) Enjoy your long weekend and all that SUNSHINE!! Finally :)

  4. A fluffy wind-up rabbit called dibs on the cute coaster that you sent me. Hee! I always enjoy seeing the unique designs of the tuck-ins that you create. Thanks again and have a great long weekend!

  5. Your Peacock is utterly brilliant ! Embroidery is not easy in poor light so you have stitched him or her beautifully. Your teabag art is lovely and I look forward to seeing your crewelwork.


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