Thursday, 1 August 2013

Tiny hearts - [learning left hand crocheting]

I stumbled upon this lovely blog recently, which has every thing crochet.  When I saw this cute hearts tutorial, I wanted to make some for me too.

This is my left handed effort;

My hearts are different in sizes because I did not use exact same type of yarn for all of them. I just wanted to give it try; I used what I had with me. I did manged to follow the instructions, but most of all the pictures helped me a lot to understand. I think I made them alright.

I did add some beads to make it fancier.

Now, I  want to make more to please my happy heart :)

Thank you for taking time to stop by,

Until next time,


  1. very nice, you have plenty of heart!!

  2. Your hearts all look great. I made some too last year that I hung up before Valentine's Day.

  3. Your hearts are really cute. I like that you used non-traditional heart colours so you can hang them up all year long ... the beads look great! I tried knitting hearts for Valentine's, but none of the patterns looked as good as the crochet patterns. Have a great week Gaia ;) Wendy

    1. Thank you Wendy. Since I manged to do it without much trouble, I want to make more. I think you should try your hand in crocheting :)