Sunday, 28 July 2013

Mixed media .....

Part one - still planning...
Flowers, flowers everywhere !!


These flower ideas are from ,who demonstrates left hand instructions.

These are from a tutorial by Attic24 ; a very beautiful piece of  work. These ones did not turn out correct, there are missing/skipped stitches. Instructions are in UK terms and it is right hand. I gave my best left handed effort.... I think I will be able to get it right maybe after another fifty of them :)  Anyway, these imperfect ones are alright for my project. 

The "african flower" is via a YouTube tutorial, they too are not yet correct.

I have read in blogs, those who are experienced in crocheting saying it is addictive. I did not realize until I started to learn. Yes, now I can feel it is kind of addictive, because I have been spending more time getting tangled and less time on my other creative work. :)

More blooming flowers to come....

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  1. can see you are enjoying your crocheting, using more than one colour too, I have not managed that yet, will ce=heck out your links you have shared.