Monday, 1 July 2013

Flower [Learning left hand crocheting]


This is my attempt to crochet flower coasters.  After watching several videos on 'how to' on YouTube, I opted to try this flower by elizzza , one of the youtube videos. Thank you, Anneliese [one of my blogger friends]for suggesting  the site.

The tutorial is called 'african flower' and is done in right hand. I watched it many times but it is not easiest  for me understand.  After, several times of watching  her instructions, I wrote them down the best way I could understand.

But, still I do not feel I got it right, specially the green one looks smaller than the other two. Maybe I missed stitches on the way :(

I did not do the whole square either, just the flower part only. It looks ok for me, but for all I know, an expert in crocheting will tell me that I have done it 'all wrong'.

Also, did a small place mat [with single crochet] to go with coasters.

There is lot learn, so I 'll keep practising ! This will be a summer gift for a friend [she knows that I am still in the learning stage]

Thank you for always stopping by,

Until next time,


  1. your crochet is coming on in leaps and bounds and I am even more impressed as you are a left handed, must be hard following instructions when they are back to front for you, will check out Anneliese`s recommendation

  2. Your crocheting looks really good! I have a daughter who is left-handed and I just couldn't figure out how to teach her even though I borrowed a library book on left-handed crocheting. There was no YouTube then. She crochets right-handed now though.