Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Learning to crochet [left handed]

Lesson 1
Since, I posted about my knitting journey, it inspired me to try and learn crocheting. So, I went out got a needle (4.5mm). I did not know exactly how to choose a needle, after browsing various sizes I chose something which I thought is of a medium size. And, as for yarn there is plenty of left-over from knitting projects for learning purposes.

This time via the internet;You Tube channel is my teacher. I searched videos for 'left handed crochet' and came up with several.
These two sites have good instructions for any beginner and special instructions for left handers.

While watching the demonstrations I took down notes in a way I can understand, and after several failures manged to do the samples of each stitch. [not photographed well]
single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet and treble crochet

all the stitches in one piece

I still need to practice a lot and also need to understand the terminology before trying to figure out a printed pattern. I hope some day soon I would be able to do so.

Lesson one is almost done.

As I have not crocheted anything exciting to show, I am posting some of the pretty things I found at  church garage sale near my house this past weekend.

ladies handkerchiefs....few of them got so dainty work and one of them still in the package marked 'made in switzerland'.

few balls of yarn ,couple of crochet needles ..and some beautifully done crochet lace [ reminds me of my grandmother's work]

fabric, a hand embroidered runner and a pretty picture.

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  1. You're such an inspiration Gaia! Well done on the crochet, I love that you show all your test swatches because it makes me feel less intimidated by crochet to see someone else testing the waters first ;) I've still not tried even one stitch, but keep wanting to try because I see all the shapes you can make in crochet that seem difficult in knitting. Some great finds at the church sale. I have a little basket full of old-fashioned hankies, and they're so pretty. The lace is particularly nice to ... have a great day! Wendy

    1. Thank you,Wendy for encouraging me :). I was disheartened when I had to start all over again many many times, but did not give up and was happy when I was able to do few stitches. I think you should give it try too. I have already a small project in mind and hopefully I can show the results soon. - Gaia

  2. you are picking up the art of crochet quickly, I can see major projects coming along soon. See you had a good spend at the garage sale.