Tuesday, 5 November 2013

My first crocheted scarf [learning left hand crochet]

I have tried my hand on knitting scarves and they have turned out alright and I use them all. This is my very first attempt on a crocheted scarf.

The pattern and the instructions are from http://www.crochetgeek.com. It is called Freedom scarf. I watched the left hand video of it several times and followed the graph rather than the written instructions. Thank you...CrochetGeek.

 I used 4mm hook and my thirfted grey and blue yarn. I think it is a good match even though they were not yarn of the same variety.

There could be errors ... but overall it does look nice to me.

Just in time for the winter !................ next it will be one of those cowl/infinity scarves.

I also made another set of bottle-cap pincushions for a friend of a friend who wants them as 'christmas stocking stuffers'. 
If you like to try these pincushions here is the link.

Lastly, a case for my new camera, which I took some of these pictures from. It is much sharp in colour and details than my old one.

Thank you taking time to stop by, it means a lot to me,

Until next time,


  1. Your first knitted scarf turned out lovely, neat and grey and blue match well. Those pincushions are so cute, nice job!
    Happy day, Gaia!

  2. the weather has arrived when we need scarves etc and yours looks just perfect to keep you snug and warm. Love the pincushions, will pop over and read up about how to make them

  3. You've done a beautiful job on the crochet scarf Gaia! The stitches look so uniform, which I know in knitting is not always easy to achieve. I see yarn in the local Value Village quite regularly, but usually pass it up as I have quite a lot from my mother still to use :) I did pick up three balls of mohair, however, that were only $2 for the three! All the acrylic yarns were more expensive (obviously they don't know their yarns!!). I love those little pin cushions, and remember you making them before. Your embroidery embellishments are just the best! Have a great day! Wendy x

    1. Thank you, Wendy. Since, now I know little bit of both knitting and crocheting stitches, I quite agree with you that in knitting to get even tension/stitches is not easy. I love making these pincushions and I think it is great idea as stocking stuffers. I am hoping those who get them will like them.
      I am with you about pricing at the thrift stores, at times dollar stores items get marked more.
      have a wonderful day,

  4. Your crocheted scarf looks lovely! I just started crocheting a scarf for my daughter also using grey yarn. I won't get mine done as quickly as you did though. Hopefully in time for Christmas though. Very neat looking and colourful pincushions too!