Monday, 11 November 2013

Petal Square - [learning left hand crochet]

I came across this crochet book, recently at the thrift store.

A complete guide to Crochet Stitches -Mary Dawson
It is published in 1972, in Toronto, Canada. There is no information about the writer though only her name. The original cost of the book is $3 and it says no tax! I paid 0.99 cents for it. I'm very pleased that I found this book.

It has so much information for a beginner like me even though it written for right handed people. It only has black and white pictures of each explained stitch but no diagrams, just the written instructions. I think, reading the instructions several times will make me understand better.

I was eager to try something out; this is the Petal Square;

I noticed that usually rows start at somewhere in middle, maybe because each corner has more than 2  chain spaces. This pattern has 5 chain spaces. I was able to get the stitches alright up to the 4th row, but the last one is still to be worked out properly.

The saffron coloured wonky one is the first one I tried. The green turned out a little better.

I also tried joining them using the method explained in there... what I  did may not be right but looks nice though.
* It says to join by crocheting - work ss along edge,inserting hook through 1 st of each motif. or for a flatter seam ss worked through front loops only of edge sts.*

More learning to do ........

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Have a peaceful Remembrance Day !!

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  1. It looks like this book will be put to good use and well worth the whopping .99 cents!! I like the look of the squares you tried, and maybe it's because you used thin yarn? I know nothing of crochet, so apart from admiring the photos, I can't comment on your progress ;) Enjoy your day (not very nice out there if you've attended any Remembrance Day ceremonies this morning). Wendy x

    1. I was so excited to find the book, to own something printed in Canada,[right here in Toronto too]. Now, I can try all the stitches explained in the book.
      I watched on TV the ceremony took place at Old City Hall, the rain dampened all a bit. - Gaia

  2. well done, it must be hard following instructions for right handers when left handed, I find it bad enough and I am right handed. These have worked well

  3. Your crocheting looks wonderful! What a nice petal square pattern.