Saturday, 30 November 2013

Small reversible quilt - part 3 and Lacey square cushion

I took a break from crocheting and did bit of stitching. I did go a little further with my quilt....I have come to an end, on one of the sides.

here you can see the both sides 
Still a long way to the finish.


I, still could not resist, and had to finish the lacey square cushion I had in mind. So, here it is finally done.

I joined squares using a bit thicker yarn (what I had) then added buttons to the panel to make it bit more fancy. The buttons are not exactly what I would have liked.

Then,  slip stitched the panel to the blue material.

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  1. your quilt is coming along well ans I expect you will soon have it completed. Crochet cushion has worked very well, are you making a set of them?

  2. Very nice pictures of your work Gaia! Your quilt looks wonderful and looks like it has a lot of stitching on it. Very nice looking crocheted lacey square cushion too and I like your colour choice.

  3. I do love that quilt!! The trouble with quilts is you have to have so much patience to work steadily to the end. Lately I'm finding I want quick results and have chosen small (very small!) projects. Your crochet cushion looks so cute!! I think those buttons really add a bit of your personal flair to the crochet. The details in the yellow & orange show up so well with that dark blue background. Great colour combinations :) Wendy x

  4. Beautiful quilting work! All those stitiches - tremendous. The cushion is very bright looking. Lovely colours.

  5. Hi, Gaia. I just LUV the design and stitching on your quilt. Very pleasing. Hope you'll get it done soon. Wishing you a happy holiday season with your loved ones!
    best, nadia