Crossed doubles [learning left hand crochet]

This is my lesson on the stitch pattern described as crossed doubles in Crochet Stitches book.

Even though,I manged to figure this the pattern without pulling my hair too much :), I did not get the foundation stitches correct, so I had problems at the end of the row.

this one is a bit better than the previous attempt.

I think this pattern will work nicely for a scarf or on dishcloth.

Also, couple more Petal Squares; these ones finally turned out alright. Yay !! for the left hander :)

I have been spending more time learning crochet these days and less time on other needlework projects I have started.  As, I browse through the book, I see that there is so much I do not know and wants to keep on going ................

Thank you for taking your time to stop by,



  1. hi, Gaia! Your artistic endeavors are so nice, thumbs up for learning left handed crocheting - it is coming along very well!
    have a nice day!

  2. your crochet is progressing well, wow you are even using 2 colours now, well done

  3. These look great ... especially the last two squares, so neatly done. I was the same way with knitting. I'd try one type of stitch, but I'd see so many other things I wanted to try too. I guess that's what we all need when learning a new craft though ... the desire to continue with the creating. Have a great week Gaia! Wendy x

    1. Thank you Wendy, I know, every time I turn a page in the book there is something I would like to try. Then I imagine all sorts of projects I can do with that. Hope the enthusiasm will continue.

  4. You're really progressing Gaia. The 2nd try at the crossed doubles looks really good and the petal squares look super.


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