Thursday, 11 April 2013

Recycled and....

turned into...

The pretty flower material is a dress I got from a sale, the tie dye fabric is a scarf with that I found at the thrift store.


... buttons are from a church rummage sale ....


Lastly few items that I found while browsing through thrift stores   :)

Lemon bowl was 0.99cents, love everything about it and lemon/lime will look pretty in that.

tea cup and the saucer was so danity that I could not resist, was $5

This vintage looking jacket was $8. It has a tag belonging to a french boutique [Rene Durhey], which I checked on the internet. While, I do not know about the authenticity, I do like the detail work and the colours.

Thank you for stopping by,

Until next time,


  1. Another beautiful project! Love the little purses, and the way you appliqued the flower fabric ... so creative :) The thrifted coat looks like something you may have embellished yourself ... such rich fabric too. You've been one busy soul lately! Enjoy the rest of your week Gaia :) Wendy

    1. Thank you Wendy. I like experimenting to see what I can come with bargain items I find around. I too like the coat a lot, I haven't had much luck finding interesting pieces but when I do, am too happy, I want to show them off :)

  2. cute little purses you have made here and see you had a great shopping spree.

  3. You had fun to catch those items - I can believe. I am a hunter of such things, too. The time will come in May when every French village has its own marché-aux-puces. I knew you would like the watchdog! thank you for visiting.