Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Crochet squares...

I patched the smaller squares and made eight larger ones.

Using the slip stitch,I joined the larger squares together..Now, I have to work on the rest of the pattern. I still do not what size I want this to be. I think, that all depend on the amount of yarn I have in the colour scheme I have chosen. So far, I manged with Bernat yarn (100% acrylic made in Canada) which I have gathered from thrift-stores. I still have few balls left.


Yard Sale finds !!

My neighbourhood church recently had their annual yard sale. Here are few that I useful things I got.

Cost for the yarn lot was $4. The dish is stoneware from Japan, which is well made and has a nice design to it. I just chose a random over for it. They both were 0.25cent each.

The green and brown bag is from a Canadian designer (googled and found out) anatomyofaskirt.com
it was 0.50cent. and it is very new.

The flowered one has a Cath Kidston label. (which I know a designer from UK) It is bit discoloured on the side, and was also 0.50cent.

And, the new cotton rug was$1. 


That is all for today,

Thanks for stopping by for a peek,

till next time,


  1. Your blanket is turning out nicely. I love the colour scheme. Also, great finds at the sale!

  2. your crochet is coming along well and well you certainly found some great bargains the Kath Kitson bags are very expensive over here

  3. Hi Gaia! This crocheted blanket is working up nicely. It's great that you got all the yarn at the thrift store. And some good finds at the church sale too. I really like the colours in the aqua & brown purse. Have a great weekend :)

  4. The blanket is looking great. I like the desig. Because of the larger blocks it might look good as a really big blanket but I guess that depends on how much yarn (and patience!) you have 😀