Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Sewing and .....

more sewing,,,,,
Part 2 of Saffron & Marigold flower quilt

After many hundreds of hand stitches I finished the marigold flower block that I am going to make. I hope that I have managed to the create some sort of impression of it. I have now completed one from each flower.. ..

Pencil Case

I have been carrying my pencils colours in a zip lock bag for awhile now, and kept postponing the idea of making a case. Finally, found some indian cotton fabric which was both pretty and suitable for the project.  First I thought of adding a piece of lace as an embellishment, but later I opted for this decorative beaded disc.

Place-mats Coasters

These already cut quilt blocks were in a bag of remnants that was passed on to me by a friend. I hand pieced them, added a backing and folded  the extra in front to make a border then completed with running stitch; as well as long all the other pieced lines. This set will be a gift to a  friend who moved her first home.

Yard sale findings;
Both my neighbourhood churches had their annual yard sales couple of weekends ago. I manged to stopped by at both places; here are few of the things I took home.

* coin purse lot was 1$

* a family of nesting dolls and a ceramic pencil sharpener was 1$ 

* old english needlepoint butter dish by H&K Tunstall was $2. It is very pretty. 

* crochet hooks, thread, pieces of felt

* patterns and yarn

*pair of pretty oven mitts, kitchen towels, napkins and a embroidered table cloth.  The highest amount I paid for an item was $2, and everything I got are in good condition and will be well used.

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  1. You've been so productive with your sewing! Beautiful marigold. Your shopping expedition resulted in a LOT for very little. More supplies for creating - hooray!

  2. Your craftiness never ceases to amaze me, Gaia. I'm sure your friend will appreciate the handmade placemat set. You also scored fabulous finds at the church sales (they're the best!) My favourite is the needlepoint butter dish--so perfect for you!

  3. your marigold is beautifully stitched and the mats have worked so well too. Some great buys from the Church sales especially loving the butter dish see Margie liked it too so both Margies liked it!

  4. I love the pencil case and the placemats with coasters. And interesting shopping at the church yard sales - I like the threads and pieces of felt - I would certainly have bought them - I am always looking for threads and hankies or doilies on the French yard sales. Such tiny things are making us happy!

  5. Your flower block is lovely Gaia, and the pencil case turned out really pretty! So much hand-sewing and so neat :) Love the coasters and the placemats. Great finds at the church sale - fantastic crafty stash! x

  6. Your flower is beautiful and the placemats are so Well done.

  7. You certainly make plenty of beautiful things! That embroidered flower is stunning.

    And great finds at the church sales. I must keep my eyes open for some of those in my neighbourhood

  8. Dear Gaia, Hello from my little corner in Belgium :)

    First of aall, heartful congratulations for your beautiful, inspiring works ! I love all of them and particularly your KANTHA embroideries...
    I Wonder if, eventually, you could help me :
    I'm draming of embroidering a (big) kantha, with beautiful designs. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at designing, and I wonder if there's a possibility to buy a PRINTED pièce of fabric with kantha designs ??? Or maybe find some appropriate transfer designs that I could use ???
    I'd be very grateful if you could help me in this matter.
    THANKS a bunch for your answer. Have a lovely weekend.

    In stitches,
    (my email :