for this contemporary kantha piece is Frida Kahlo, one of the great artists whose work I admire a lot.

It took me about week or so to finish the stitching and, I used two layers of very thin cotton. I sketched the face on paper, after several attempts this was the one finally made for stitching. Well, my drawing looks nothing like her :)

 I  have not yet thought about how I want to display it. I have an oval shaped canvas( I used it take this photos) or an embroidery frame might work too.

What do you think of my Frida?

Thank you for stopping by for a peek,

till next time,


  1. I think you have done a splendid Frida, an oval frame wold work so well with her, not tried Kantha stitching you have certainly excelled it

  2. This is sooooooooo beautiful Gaia! Really lovely subject for your stitchery - I think it would look really good presented in an embroidery hoop perhaps?

  3. Even if the similarity is not to your satisfaction, it is a great portrait of a beautiful woman and so well stitched.

  4. Very nice, Gaia! Frida would approve!

  5. Loved how you were inspired by the artist and worked it into embroidery ... such an interesting take on the portraits. I think this would look great in an embroidery hoop.


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