Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Sewing and .....

more sewing,,,,,
Part 2 of Saffron & Marigold flower quilt

After many hundreds of hand stitches I finished the marigold flower block that I am going to make. I hope that I have managed to the create some sort of impression of it. I have now completed one from each flower.. ..

Pencil Case

I have been carrying my pencils colours in a zip lock bag for awhile now, and kept postponing the idea of making a case. Finally, found some indian cotton fabric which was both pretty and suitable for the project.  First I thought of adding a piece of lace as an embellishment, but later I opted for this decorative beaded disc.

Place-mats Coasters

These already cut quilt blocks were in a bag of remnants that was passed on to me by a friend. I hand pieced them, added a backing and folded  the extra in front to make a border then completed with running stitch; as well as long all the other pieced lines. This set will be a gift to a  friend who moved her first home.

Yard sale findings;
Both my neighbourhood churches had their annual yard sales couple of weekends ago. I manged to stopped by at both places; here are few of the things I took home.

* coin purse lot was 1$

* a family of nesting dolls and a ceramic pencil sharpener was 1$ 

* old english needlepoint butter dish by H&K Tunstall was $2. It is very pretty. 

* crochet hooks, thread, pieces of felt

* patterns and yarn

*pair of pretty oven mitts, kitchen towels, napkins and a embroidered table cloth.  The highest amount I paid for an item was $2, and everything I got are in good condition and will be well used.

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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Dear Mother ....

from your loving daughter...

 ....a very happy mother's day  to all the mums around the world!!!

You can check the mother's day craft I did in 2015 and  in 2014 in here (if you click on the the links).

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