Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Making more stumpwork..


One more portrait for my collection. I am enjoying at the moment, exploring more of the new found embroidery technique. Thanks again for for the well explained tutorial.

Crochet sunflower coasters...

I made these for my tea group exchange. After making the flower, I added a felt backing to make it sturdy. If you are interested in making a sunflower you can get the free pattern here.

still working on both kantha quilt and the crochet project. It will be a long time when I finally get to finish it.

My friend's neighbour had a yard sale last weekend. I only got to it as they were closing. There were only few things left, one was, this tea set. It was marked for $3. But the lady gave it for me free. She said it belonged to her mum. It is quite dainty. I was quite curious to know where it was made, unfortunately it does not say.

While on my recent walks around the neighbourhood and bit further, came upon this crochet book which was tossed tobe picked up by garbage/recycling day with other items. I am thrilled I rescued it. There are 20 fun afghans patterns to try.

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  1. I usually hit garage sales early, but the benefit of going near closing time is that you get stuff for next to your free tea set?!? What a great score! It looks like it might be Dutch, based on the blue and white colours and the windmill.

  2. There don't seem to be very many garage sales in our town. Or perhaps I just don't look for them. Your kantha quilt and crocheted afghan are beautiful long projects and the in between shorter ones probably cut the tedium a little. Love the tea set. Blue and white are so pretty.