August creative makes..

A still life collage;

made in Toronto cider !!

Stump-work portrait : inspiration Mrs. Sophia Petrilo, from popular  80's US TV series " The Golden Girls".

How is my Sophia ?

Bit of weaving..

Finally, a small piece of kantha embroidery also inspired by the picture of this lady who is making rice flour on a stone grinder. I kept the picture, which was printed on a packet of wheat flour I bought quite sometime ago. I wanted to do a painting of it, but I never got around to do it until recently. I did pencil colour drawing of it and, that gave me the idea to try this embroidery. 

To all everyday women !!

Summer is almost ending .....

Thank you for stopping by,

till next time,

Gaia xoxo


  1. I've always admired your artistic skills! Can't believe that it's the last week of August...

  2. Your creative talents just keep expanding and becoming more expert!

  3. I just love your creativity and your willingness to explore more and more varieties of creative handwork. And we get the lovely benefit of seeing it all when you post. I love Sophie, you caught her perfectly.

    Wishing you a beautiful day.
    Brenda xox


January creative makes ...

I finished the jute piece. I have not yet thought about how I want to complete the sides and, if I want to make in to a wall hanging....

Top 3 !