Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Darning - one picture at a time - 1

Inspiration for these projects were taken from the Stitch Magazine.
If you go here you read about it.

I do like this magazine a lot, it carries various interesting projects that one can try.
This is the tutorial piece.
tutorial work 

I liked the technique,  the texture and the pattern it created. So, I tried the following as well;

cuppa tea -  I feel that in certain areas I used more tension on the thread.

lonely tree - I am pleased with all the colours that I chose to darn this little tree. The problem I came across  on this one was, that I sketched the drawing  too closer to edge of the material and I could not get my embroidery frame to fit perfectly. Finally, I took it out and did the darning. [although I could have started another]

There's room for lots of improvement. I also,could not get the finishing as smoothly as I had it in my mind.

I am thinking of putting them in frames.
There's more coming...I have too many ideas but not enough time. 


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