Saturday, 27 October 2012

Applique - Mirror ! Mirror ! ....on the wall

The wall where I have kept my dresser has been bare for sometime and  I had been wanting to create a perfect match for the dressing area. Since there's no mirror above the dresser, this is the mirror that I came up with.....

scraps that I used in this project
Applique is done on a piece of calico. I chose to incorporate few things that I would usually keep on my dressing table or beside the bathroom mirror .

feel of an antique mirror
bottles of lotion, nail polish, earrings and a hair brush

soap and toothbrush

jewelry box and the chain

..... a soft cotton batting and then some hand quilting

I manged to find matching blues from the pile of remnants for the edges.

Who's the prettiest of all ?                                    

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  1. This is a great idea ... especially the antique mirror (& reflection!). I love this sort of spontaneous creative. Now you can admire it every day. Wendy