Saturday, 3 November 2012

Experimental Landscape

Feels like autumn 

This is an experimental piece I did inspired by the this painting that I saw in the 'International' magazine.

As I would do with the painting, I tried to build the landscape adding layers of fabric. I have not used any kind adhesive to hold the fabric. I cut the shapes and held them with pins first and then ran the running stitch. I tried my best to make the stitches even as possible.

First I added the background colours;

Then middle ground layers; such as the trees,leaves

Finally the foreground. I did use the running stitch as the main stitch and some back stitch as well, also tried my hand doing some french knots for extra texture.

I do like the warm colours and the rustic feel of it but is it an applique or a collage??

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  1. Very clever and quite attractive!!

  2. Thank you, Henry. I want to try another.

  3. Hi, Gaia. It's both an appliqué and a collage, or it's whatever you want to call it. Very lovely! I've enjoyed visiting your blog. I see you painted a pomegranate in a previous post--I'm working on a pomegranate tree (art quilt), which is rather large in size and I may not see the end of it. But I do love pomegranates. I also saw your darning picture which I LUV'd! I've been wondering what one could do with it and there you gave me inspiration! Looking forward to following your creative/artistic adventures!
    best, nadia

  4. Thank you, Nadia for your lovely comment it is much appreciated.

  5. Nice job! Looks very much like the inspiration photo. I had to laugh at your question - collage or applique'? I too am often at a loss for what to call my pieces - art quilts? fabric art? textile art? Nothing quite seems to fit, does it?