Saturday, 22 December 2012

Kantha Work

~ Paisley pattern ~

I do enjoy trying my hand at kantha work. While I have not studied in-depth about traditional way of doing it; for now, I am content with my contemporary approach towards it. And, I know there is a lot to learn. This is another little piece I tried recently. It is roughly by 11x11 inches.

I used three layers of this blue voile; tacked in place and then traced the pattern. I cannot remember from where I got the pattern; found it folded in a craft book.

[I am sorry for the quality of pictures]

I tried my best to incorporate colours that would complement the background fabric as well as each other. [reminds me that I need to buy more embroidery thread]

I finished it off with red voile edging. I did not know whether I wanted to include loops for hanging or just leave as it is so it could displayed in a different way; so for now it is like this. Maybe I will give it away.

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  1. a beautifully stitched piece of kantha work

  2. This is very pretty Gaia! A lot of work in those embroidery stitches. I love doing embroidery, but on a smaller scale :) Wendy