Saturday, 1 December 2012

Remembering Life

It has been ten years since my father passed away. He would have turned seventy two in December. I often think about him and wanted to create something special as a tribute for this tenth year.

I dyed some cotton fabrics at home; and this is the first time I tried my hand in a such experiment. I used few types of cotton in very small amounts. Few light in weave,  in medium and a panel from an old cotton shirt which was very fine and soft.

Here they are after dyed and dried.
pomegranate skins, pods, turmeric mix and salt;

pomegranate pods, some ceylon tea;

couple of pieces soaked in henna; they turned out in a pale green. If I  had kept them for a longer period it may have become more darker.

pomegranate skins only; few of them were grey so they turned out be a different version of a grey.
Top row; pomegranate skins
Bottom row; henna mix, turmeric and pomegranate skins, pomegranate pods 

I sketched my imagination, then arranged the fabric pieces. I also used a piece of white cotton as the backing.

By using the running stitch and  the back stitch I completed the piece.

For My Father.....

This is my interpretation of 'circle of life'.  

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  1. A beautiful remembrance piece - the colours are so subtle and the stitching full of meaning.

    1. Thank you, Anneliese. I had emotional moments while sewing it.

  2. a lovely way to remember your father, using natural things to dye is a great idea, you get such soft colours this way

  3. Hi Gaia, this is a beautiful piece! The subtle shades are so perfect for such a thoughtful, handmade remembrance of your father. Although I didn't comment earlier, I really admire your interpretation of the paintings through farbric art. Wendy

  4. Gaia, this is beautiful on so many levels. I bet it felt really good to stitch and reflect on your loved one.

    1. Thank you, Nancy for stopping by. Yes, indeed each stitch brought back memories.