Saturday, 18 January 2014

Irish crochet motif [learning left hand crochet]

I was given these crochet, tatting and hardanger books by a cousin of mine recently. There are so many things in here I would love to learn ; was so eager to try something from the Irish crochet book.

I tried the rose motif which I thought would be an easy one for a start. After few re-doings [i had copy it in US terms] I was able to understand it better.

Ref: Russell -Lea crochet book 2001,Australia

**sorry for the quality of the pictures as it is not easy get clear ones on winter mornings**

There is always something new to learn;  hopefully, I did it right.

Few more pictures from my visit.

This 18th century Buddhist temple stands on stone columns.

Church belonging to colonial time

Hindu Temple

Tea Plantations

Mist gathering over the hills ; early afternoon

Pigeon having a snack on a leek farm

family of monkeys

Post office & bungalow ..built during colonial period.

[you should be able to click on the pictures to make them larger]

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  1. some good books you have here and the flower is very pretty. You have some great photos to remember you holiday

  2. oh, you did it perfectly right, the rose. It looks beautiful. And all the photos as beautiful too. Lovely to own enough books, you can never have too many, only to little space to put them..... haha.
    Thanks for coming to my necklace post and for your lovely comment.

  3. The rose looks perfect Gaia! It's such fun to keep trying new and different things isn't it? I just love your photos ... you're right, it really is a beautiful island! Love the misty hills and the tea plantation shots ... so green and so serene. Such a mix of architecture with the various countries taking over throughout the centuries. What a wild history for such a small country. Thanks for sharing the photos. Have a great week ... brrr just a tad nippy out there today wouldn't you say! Wendy x