Monday, 26 January 2015

Checker Square; 9 patch blanket

Finally, I finished it.

I am quite happy with the results, considering all the yarn came from thrift stores from my neighbourhood. I collected them for awhile and still do. And, although, they are not from one particular brand, together they all look interesting.

Saree quilt is coming along bit by by.....

on learning left hand crochet.. I am trying out a new motif from the this booklet. I still do not know what I will be doing with them, but learning is always fun.

Thank you for your visit..........
till next time,


  1. Hi Gaia! I know I read your previous posts, but I was having computer issues at the time and it was impossible for me to leave comments on blogs. Your finished blanket looks great! Lots of colour, and I like the fact that you were able to make it all from thrifted yarn. I get satisfaction when I use up some yarn from my mom's stash. Love these new squares you're working on, you don't seem intimidated with any pattern you come across. Enjoy your week! Wendy x

  2. Your blanket is lovely. I'm sure it's nice and cosy and appreciated during this cold spell we're having!