Monday, 15 January 2018

Chasing winter blues...

keeping busy with some craft work.

While back at the thrift store I came upon this set labelled "Japanese Tenugui" and, I bought it because I liked the cotton material.  Once home, I googled to find out what "Tenugui" meant, and found out that they are a type of  Japanese hand towels.
You can read more about here.

side one
The set contained, three printed cotton pieces in different sizes. I used the material to sew this bag.

I added a lining, hand sewed the details around the patterns to add texture, then used the machine to sew the two panels together.

side two

learning some embroidery....

winter light is not too favourable for fine needlework..

a bit of weaving .. ..

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  1. What a great find with the tea towels! You made a wonderful bag with the complimentary cottons. Nice size :) The tea pot embroidery is very sweet. I find the lighting is good in winter with the brightness of the snow, it just doesn't last long enough. Have a great week Gaia!

  2. What interesting towels! It goes without saying that my favourite craft is the embroidery with the teapot. Winter is the perfect time to hibernate indoors with craft projects.