Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Another wall hanging..

moving forward slowly..

For about 3 weeks now, I have been working on a wall hanging for my aunt. She saw the one I had done recently you can see it here.. and, asked if I can do something for her.

She gave me some material that she had collected, and I chose the mustard coloured one for the background. I had remnants of blues  to start with. I m not using any templates, these motifs are all cut free hand, as my approach is often is rustic.

(the photos were taken at nightlight, so they are not clear as I would have liked)

rain, rain  ....  melting away the all that beautiful snow.

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  1. I like the pretty blue hues of your aunt's wall hanging. It's hard to believe that the temperatures reached double digits today...but I'm sure that we haven't seen the last of winter. So I'm not putting my winter gear away yet!

  2. I like the freedom in your wall hanging project. Such pretty blues. Our snow is all gone and today was sunny and 10 degrees, but the nights are chilly, and the mornings frosty.

  3. The wall hanging for your aunt looks beautiful. I hope you got to enjoy the beautiful snowscape before it melted away. Enjoy your tea and the sewing :)