Saturday, 17 March 2018

Learning to Punch !

On a recent trip to Germany my brother got above Punch Needle kit for my mum but she was not that interested try; to begin all the instructions are in German.  So it was passed on to me, since I like to learn all sorts of crafts.
The kit include a frame, three needles, a threader, piece of fabric,  some yarn, and few transferable patterns.

Thanks to youtube and google, here is my punching ...

first attempt
 I used several types of fabric to find the most suitable one. Still not sure what type would be the best.

second attempt
working side
finished side

I drew my own pattern free hand on the fabric.

I am yet to learn how to best hold the needle and, to apply right amount of tension when pulling the thread. Well...there is always a third attempt :)

I wonder this is going to be as addictive as crochet !

some progress on the wall quilt..

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  1. This is the first time I've heard of punch needles! Thank goodness for the online tutorials!

  2. I've always admired needle punched rugs. I bought a needle punch years ago, but got frustrated with it and never revisited the craft. This was long before youtube, and my mom had no experience with it to help me either. Love the progress you are making with it! The wall quilt is coming along nicely too.

  3. I got a needle punch kit some years ago. It takes some time to understand how to do it, you need to stretch the fabric drum tight I the hoop, set the needle to the length of the loop (use the plastic tube) and hold the needle absolutely straight up.
    Good luck, it can be very addictive.