Thursday, 26 April 2018

Punchneedle ..

paisley pattern ...

After doing several test patterns with adjustment to the needle, made another attempt and completed this small piece. It looks better than the previous one,loops are more the same.  I do not know yet if I want to add few more motifs, fill in the background colour or leave it as it is.

Catherine Wheel ....

also learning a new crochet pattern....after a long time.

Saree quilt has been on the bottom of craft pile all winter too, I could not work on it specially because of the gloomy winter light. Now that the sunny days are almost here, over the weekend I pulled it out; and did bit of sewing.

Thank you for stopping by.......

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  1. As always, your hands are creating beautiful things. I love the Catherine Wheel crochet. Isn't it nice that lighter days are here?

  2. I also love the Catherine Wheel crochet. The sun is supposed to come out tomorrow and the temperatures are supposed to reach the 20s (!) by mid-week.

    I've also spotted those purple flowers (weeds?) on my lawn. Heh.