April moving slowly....

I have been stitching the scrap quilt for awhile now and, wanted bit of change. I wanted to try something different. So I took my cardboard loom and, did a small weaving project. This is my first attempt to weave a portrait. There is lot of learning to do. However, I do like how she turned out. She is bringing so much charm to my living room. 

My weaved Frida !

I did not abandoned the scrap quilt, sewing is still going on..

I also stitched a  memory map : it is a trip my father's village home. This was both emotional and, a joyful project to do. It is not done to scale, but drawn looking at google maps.

I still remember  walking from the bus stop along the long and winding road to his home. When we were small my grandparents lived at the house. Now, father's sister lives there and, when I ever I visit her, those memories of childhood come alive. My father passed away 18 years ago, but I often think about him. This is a small effort to cherish the memories.....

Rug hooking is filling up too.

Keeping clam ...
Thank you for stopping by,

till next time


  1. Your posts are always a joy, Gaia! My goodness, I just love your creative endeavours. You try so many styles with good success. I do love FRIDA! And how very special to do that memory map of your father's village home. Wow!

    I'll join you in a cup of tea and together we'll stay calm.

    Happy Weekend,
    Brenda xox

  2. Love the teacup! Is that image from our CATE afternoon tea outing?

    Are you sewing any masks?

  3. I love your work.
    The memory map is so nice.


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