May went by..

Balance ; Inner and Outer

It is stitched on naturally dyed fabric. Finding inner calm during stressful times.

After quite some time, I did some pencil colour drawing too.

Summer scarf

I was given these scarves by a friend (her friend was throwing them away), couple of summers ago. They were sitting on my fabric pile, and, I was not sure what I wanted to do with them. 
I finally thought of making a longer scarf using all of them. I am not sure if it will turn out the way I planned. 

Gustav Klimt's - Kiss

Inspired by the painting, I'm doing my own piece. So far, I have enjoyed the stitching.

have a cup of tea ...

* I just noticed blogger has done changes over the last things to learn.

Thank you for stopping by,

till next time,

Gaia xox


  1. Everything is so beautiful. 😊

    Have a wonderful weekend, Gaia.

    1. Hello Nil, Thank you for visiting. Wish you a happy Monday.

  2. Such GREAT stitcheries ! Especially "the kiss"... BRAVO :)

  3. What a lovely inner calm piece. I feel the peacefulness in the design and colours. And I admire your courage to tackle Klimt -- it turned out beautifully.
    I'm glad you're still enjoying tea 'in the midst'.

    Wishing you a beautiful June ahead...
    Brenda xox

  4. Nice work, Gaia! I agree with the others that the Klimt craft looks great!

    I have the same tea towel...did I send you one as part of our exchanges (forgive my bad memory if I did!)?


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