Thursday, 19 September 2013

Kantha Work - a small reversible quilt -Part 2

Half Way

I have reached the halfway point. ....a small sigh as I continue on.

I am running out of the colours I started with, so I am using other colours I have, hoping that it will not effect the final result I have in mind.

I have also experimented with arranging even stitches, but it is not easy keep up with that. Mostly, my stitches are random.


Yard sale finds!
This flowered teacup n' saucer, is another summer yard sale find. Cost is $1. The ladies who were having the yard sale said that it belonged to their 'grandma'.  The two are from different sets, but both made in England. The teacup has a small chip on the bottom, other than that it in perfect condition. I was wondering whether the gold lines painted are real 'gold' ? It really does not matter, I m just too happy to have it :) :)

lets all have tea !
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  1. that is a major project the kantha quilting it is looking very good. Very pretty tea cups but the shape of them means the tea gets cold quickly but think you will not be using them just having them for their prettiness.

  2. The quilt is beautiful! Love the paisley swirl design you've added. Do you have this in a frame for the stitching? It looks like a big undertaking even for a 'small' quilt. Are you doing the embroidery on the reverse side too? Looks great! Love the teacup too ... I'm always torn when I see teacups at the thrift store. I don't have enough space for many more, so I'll only get one if it's really special. Patterns painted INSIDE the cup is one thing that I consider special ;) Have a great weekend ... hope this heat disappears! Wendy x

    1. Thank you Wendy. I do not have a frame, I work with this on my kitchen table, at times it is not the most easiest way.I have tried keeping it on my lap but was not able the get straight stitches. The stitching that I am doing on this side goes to the reverse too. I forgot to get some pictures but for the next part I will show both. I am working on four layers of similar material.

  3. Beautiful find on the yardsale. We both like old things, don't we. Interesting Kantha stitches and design. Thank you for commenting our "finds" - they will go to our old house in France.

  4. Hello, Gaia! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me! I am thrilled to see your work! How much time it takes to complete all the stitches? Wonderful!