Friday, 30 June 2017

Canada 150 !!

To keep you sunglasses safe this summer..

These  6 (six) were made for my friends of the Tea group as part of our Canada Day exchange. They are made out of  recycled craft felt brand which is available at one of the art stores in my town.

And, this pair is for another friend. She received them last week.

... Canada is turning 150 years on 1st July.

saw this banner 

Happy birthday Canada !!
Bonne fete Canada !!

and this poster
....cheers to 150th Summer ... !

 stores are full of 150 themed merchandise

I am an immigrant and,with great pride call this city my hometown 

A very happy Canada Day long weekend to all my fellow Canadians near and far !!!

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  1. Happy Canada Day, Gaia! It's been fun seeing all the red and white Canada 150 decor and merchandise. I've also been enjoying the sunglasses case. Thanks again!

  2. Your glasses cases are lovely especially the flowery ones. We have had your Canadian celebrations on the News on TV here in the UK